Empty nesters Mr. and Mrs. Jackson have finally reached the point in their lives where most couples begin enjoying one-on-one time together. Their twenty-three year marriage has not been an easy one, but the couple has managed to make it through all of the past tough times.

Together, forty-six year old A.J and forty-three year old Jamie have raised their three daughters Merlinda, Daphne and Rachael. Now that their three daughters have moved out with lives and responsibilities of their own, Jamie is having second thoughts on whether remaining in this marriage is something she is able, or willing to do. The entire Jackson family must stand together stronger than ever as their love for one another and their faith in God is challenged in ways that would break most individuals; and couples. Plagued with past indiscretions, life threatening illnesses, lies, drugs, alcohol, money issues and even death, the ‘what’s done in the dark…’ cliché becomes a brutal reality the Jacksons will experience firsthand.

Written by Nationally Recognized, Best Selling Author Gregory B. Williams, SinCinnati Soaps is an ongoing, evolving series like none you’ve seen on TV or read before. Each new and exciting episode posted every Monday through Friday, is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat longing and anxiously waiting for more.

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