Episode 1

Episode 1

Jamie stood in front of the dresser mirror putting the last touches on her make-up. A.J. was feeling proud that he hadn’t forgotten this day, as he stealthily walked up behind her with both hands behind his back. He softly pressed his body close against hers until she could feel his excitement pressed between the round of her tight plump bottom. A.J deeply inhaled the scent of her perfume against her neck and whispered into her ear. “I love you Jamie. I was thinking that maybe we could spend the night together.” Before she could reply, he looked at her through the reflection of the mirror and removed his hands from behind his back. He gently rubbed her shoulder with his right hand as he revealed with his left hand his surprise.

“Happy Anniversary My Love.” He handed her a bouquet of three dozen red roses.

“Happy Anniversary to you too A.J.”

“I see you’re wearing my favorite dress.”

Jamie didn’t respond as she sat the roses on the dresser and continued putting on her makeup.

“Wow Baby, what’s the matter, you love red roses?” Jamie took a deep breath and A.J continued to watch her through the reflection in the mirror. The expression on her face let him know that beside the fact they have been sleeping in separate bedrooms for the past two months, something more was different.  A.J took a few steps back and Jamie turned around to look at him face to face with one hand firmly planted on the left side of her narrow waist.

“A.J. honey, you know how much I love you.”

“Of course I do, and you know how much I love you; so what’s wrong? I remembered our anniversary this year.” A.J chuckled, but Jamie didn’t find it amusing.

“A.J, we’ve raised three wonderful children together and you have always been a wonderful provider for me and the girls but….”

“But what Jamie?” Jamie abruptly turned her back towards A.J. so the only direct eye contact either of them had was once again from the reflection in the mirror.

“I just want more A.J. I need more stability in my life than what I have now.”

“You more stability?”

“Yes, A.J. I want more and I need more. I need to feel fulfilled, respected and loved.”

“But baby, I’ve always given you everything you needed?”

“No A.J!” she quickly interrupted. “You didn’t always give me what I needed. Yeah, you have been doing a lot better over the past eight weeks since you’ve been sleeping in the other bedroom, but I’m afraid it’s too little too late.”

A.J stood emotionally paralyzed, staring at her in complete disbelief. It was hard for Jamie to see him this way, but she knew she had to see this through. Just as she rehearsed, she boldly continued expressing her feelings.  This was something she had been struggling with for weeks, and today was the day that she promised herself she would do something about it. Jamie looked at A.J with sad eyes. “A.J, remember the dreams we once shared? Remember the things we said we would have done by the time we reached this age. I’m forty-three years old and besides the kids, what have we done? What do we have A.J.?”

“What have we done?” A.J spread his hands and looked around the room. “What do we have? What do you mean, what do we have? Jamie, we have a family. We have a beautiful home, and most importantly, we have each other.”

“Do we?” She asked.

“What do you mean, do we?”

“A.J you may have had me in the past, but have I ever really had you?”

“Baby, please don’t talk this way. How can you say these things to me when all that… ” he paused. “all that I have ever done was try to love you the best way I could. “

 “That’s what I’m trying to say. The best you could be is no longer good enough A.J.”

“You’ve always had me Jamie. You, and the girls are my life.”

“A.J we both know that’s not true. For the past twenty-three years, I have stood by you. I have supported you and all your endeavors, whether they were successes or failures. I’ve stuck by you through all of the other women, the gambling and the partying.”

“Jamie baby, please…”

“No A.J. You want to know why I feel this way, so let me finish telling you.” A.J didn’t say another word as she continued. “I’m tired A.J.”  Jamie paused and turned back around face to face with A.J. By now it was painfully clear that this anniversary was not going to end the way he hoped it would. Everything was becoming clear to him now as to why she’s been even more distant over the past few weeks. With tear filled eyes, his throat tightened and his voice cracked as he fearfully struggled to ask, “So what are you saying to me Jamie?”

“I’ve always helped you do you and now, it’s time for me to do Jamie.”

“Okay, then do you Baby. I won’t stop you. In fact, I’ll gladly help out in any way you want?”

Jamie looked at A.J gingerly placing the palm of her hand against his cheek. “That’s really sweet of you A.J, but we’ve been down this road enough times already. You and I both know it will only end up, the way it always does.”

“Jamie, this isn’t right. This just isn’t right. We’ve been together too long and we both have too much to lose. Please reconsider.”

“I’ve reconsidered a million times over the past ten years A.J. The girls are grown with lives of their own now, so why wait.” Jamie put on her diamond ear rings and walk over to her bedroom door, where she stood as though she was showing A.J his way out.

“So why do you have on that dress if you didn’t plan on spending the evening together?”

“Like I said A.J. I’m ready to work my plan, and as much as it hurts me to say this, my plan does not include you.”


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